Show Judges/Dates and other events

Date Show/Event Dog Judge Bitch Judge CC's Results  
18/11/2017 FTC of Scotland M Rose M Rose   Other Info
23/09/2017 Belfast TBA TBA   Other Info
16/09/2017 FTC of Wales J Griffiths J Griffiths   Other Info
09/09/2017 Richmond TBA TBA   Other Info
19/08/2017 WKC J Peak J Peak   Other Info
06/08/2017 Expo2 FTC G Pedersen G Pedersen   Other Info
05/08/2017 Expo2 SFTA P Iversen P Iversen   Other Info
22/07/2017 Leeds M Sanders M Sanders   Other Info
09/07/2017 East of England M Phillips M Phillips   Other Info
01/07/2017 Windsor M Hughes M Hughes   Other Info
23/06/2017 Blackpool G Mason G Mason   Other Info
17/06/2017 Border Union A Small A Small   Other Info
10/06/2017 Three Counties W Browne-Cole W Browne-Cole   Other Info
26/05/2017 Bath M Vickers M Vickers   Other Info
21/05/2017 SKC A Westwood A Westwood   Other Info
04/05/2017 Birmingham DSS R Crooks R Crooks   Other Info
01/04/2017 National Terrier E Cartledge E Cartledge   Other Info
09/03/2017 Crufts P Julian P Julian   Other Info
19/01/2017 Manchester I Gabriel I Gabriel   Other Info

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